Lost online studies 1.1

Welcome fellow fans critics and devotees to the inaugural issues of Lost Online Studies (which like all good cyber missives will hereby be known by the acronym LOSt). LOSt is athe bimonthly publication of the Society for the Study of Lost, a loose-knit (if pretentiously-named) group of fans whose ruminations regarding our favorite show have exceeded the narrow boundaries of talkbacks, message boards and blogs to embrace a more substantial forum in which to discuss all aspects of Lost as a an intertextual, artistic and cultural phenomenon.

I would like to thank all of my friends at losttv-forum without whom the Society nor Journal would not exist, and who continue to delight and amaze me with their enthusiasm and insight (not to imagine their comic gifts!). A special thanks to all the contributors to LOSt 1.1, and to Angela, Brian, Kit, Mark and, especially, Michael.



Table of contents

The Music of Lost
Johnnie Pippen asks if music may be the key to some of the mysteries that make up the cultural phenomenon called Lost.

"Abandoned (Remix)"
J. M. Berger offers a "remix" of the controversial second season episode "Abandoned," one which follows the main outline of the original while offering an alternate version of not only the episode but character continuity as it might illuminate the entire Lost universe.

Lost de la Lettre: messages, mistaken identities and the other who really believes
Amy Bauer reflects on the function of letters, ethics and identity in Lost, especially as regards the roles of Desmond, Jack and Locke.

Truffula Surfs the Lost Webmaze
In the first installment of a regularly-recurring column, the Truffula takes us deep within the Lost webmaze - his term for the series of auxiliary websites, surreptitious chats, and mysterious contacts that reveal startling and ever-more intricate details of the Lost universe

The Lost Sonnets
David Ledbetter has composed a quarternion of sonnets on the rescuers: Jack, Kate, Locke and Boone, the first of a series on our castaways.

The Lost Haiku
Patrick Bentz offers a set of haiku that bridge the castaways journey from the wonder of Season 1 to the new challenges of Season 2.

Editorial Board

Amy Bauer
Assistant Professor of Music Theory, University of California at Irvine
J.M. Berger
consultant, journalist, producer, writer, Somerville, MA
Michelle Lang

Assistant Professor of Art History, University of Nebraska at Kearney
John Lenarcic

School of Business Information Technology, RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Douglas Zukunft

candidate for the M.A. in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary

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